Evolution is science. Creation is not.

On the subject of evolution, the Revival Fellowship website states,

“Scientifically the best that can be done is to investigate the facts and then decide which theory is most in accord with the facts” – Pr Darryl Williams.

Superficially this statement almost sounds scientific. But it’s not. Irrespective of this statement’s sincerity; it is both illogical and deceptive.

Science 101

The scientific method draws conclusions from facts. I.e “Here are the facts–what conclusions can we draw from them”? However, as the Revival Fellowship already “know” the conclusion (evolution is false) “the facts” have to be drawn from the conclusion. I.e. “Here’s the conclusion–what facts can we find to support it?” Which, to point out the obvious, is not scientific investigation.

Slide nights 101

The Revival Fellowship do not draw any conclusions from scientific investigation. Instead they masquerade outdated and well-documented fallacies as “science” to support their desired conclusion. The slides rehashed at every single ‘Creation vs Evolution‘ slide night are erroneous, badly researched and obsolete; void of any so-called scientific ‘investigation’.

The three most common arguments are irreducible complexity, specified complexity and the ever popular argument from incredulity. These ideas have long been scientifically disproved, many times over. If the Revival Fellowship were interested in “investigating the facts and then [deciding]” this would be common knowledge. But it’s not.

What do the facts say?

Facts point to common ancestry. Facts point to transitional species. Facts point to comparative anatomy. Facts point to geographical distribution. Facts point to natural selection. Facts point to genetics.

The facts do not point to creation. In fact, there are no facts that support creationism at all. Zero.

Furthermore, the Genesis account conflicts with that we know and observe today. For example;

  1. Genesis describes light being created before the Sun. (Genesis 1:3 & Genesis 1:16)
  2. Plants created before there was a sun to drive their photosynthetic processes. (Genesis 1:14-19)
  3. Birds created before land animals; contrary to the evidence. (Genesis 1:21 & Genesis 1:24)
  4. God creating “a solid firmament” in the sky. (Genesis 1:6-8)
  5. And, all species created to only reproduce “after their own kind”. Yet there are hundreds of examples of transitional species throughout the fossil record. Which appear in a temporal progression, linking modern species to much older, very different species through a “general lineage” of similar and progressively older fossils. (Genesis 1:20-25)

Why does it matter?

The Revival Fellowship are misinformed and thus routinely misinform their congregation. They dogmatically deny a well established, thoroughly-documented and plainly observable branch of science. Instead preach a mythical story which is internally inconsistent and at odds with the world we live in.

If the Bible is wrong about natural and observable facts; just how reliable are the unobservable, supernatural ‘facts’?

Moreover, Christianity is–must be–totally committed to creation as described in Genesis. Inasmuch “when Adam sinned, sin entered the world. Adam’s sin brought death, so death spread to everyone, for everyone sinned.” (Romans 5:12, NLT) The whole justification of Jesus’ life and death is predicated on the existence of Adam and the forbidden fruit. Without the original sin, there is no need for redemption. Without Adam’s fall into a life of sin–of which the wages are death–Christianity serves no purpose.

Evolution is the development from one form to the next, to meet the ever-changing challenges, from an ever-changing nature. There is no fall from a previous state of sublime perfection.

Without Adam, without the original sin, Jesus Christ is reduced to a man with a mission on a wrong planet.

Pr Darryl and Co. don’t “decide which theory is most in accord with the facts”. They can’t.

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