10 questions for a Basics Night

1. Why are there contradictions in the Bible? Answer?

2. Why do the Revival Fellowship preach tongues ‘as a sign’ if Jesus stipulated
that no signs would be given except the resurrection? (Matthew 12:38-40,
Mark 8:12-13) Are tongues “for a sign” or not? (1 Corinthians 14:22Answer?

3. Why do transitional/intermediate species appear in the fossil record if the Bible
repeatedly says species are to reproduce after their own kind? (Genesis 1Answer?

4. Why does God approve so much immorality in the Bible that today we find
repulsive? E.g. why do both Testaments endorse genocide, animal torture and
slavery? If society has moved on since then – how is Jesus the same yesterday,
today and for ever? (Hebrews 13:8Answer?

5. Why don’t the promises of prayer in the Bible align with reality?
(E.g. Matthew 7:7, John 14:13, John 15:16Answer?

6. Why is God’s only outward and manditory sign of salvation a well documented
(a) learned behaviour that (b) historically pre-dates Christianity? Answer?

7. If ‘answered prayer’ is credited to God, and unanswered prayer to
‘bad faith’ – how does one avoid making self-fulfilling “selective observations”? Answer?

8. Why is the Bible of 400 CE and the Bible today different by dozens of chapters
and thousands of parts? Which Bible is the Word of God? And why does man
edit it? Why are there conflicting salvation messages in God’s only book? Answer?

9. Why are the observations of the natural world documented in the Bible
so similar to the author’s pagan contemporaries at that time? Why is there so
much anti-science in the Bible? Answer?

10. Why did Jesus have to die on the cross if people in the Old Testament were
saved by their works? In any case, why did God have to sacrifice Himself to
make Himself happy with His own creation? Answer?

Please share anything discussed at a Basics Night in response to this.

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